Interviews with creative people doing interesting and inspiring things. Mostly with computers. Hosted by Kristian Freeman.

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    #8: Announcing Byteconf

    Announcing my new project, Byteconf. Developer conferences streamed on Twitch, for free, so anyone can attend.

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    #7: Kyle Shevlin

    Kristian talks to Kyle Shevlin, a software developer and podcaster. Kristian and Kyle talk about his path from pastor to software engineer, and retrospect on how they learned to program and get their first coding gigs.

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    #6: Lee Huffman

    Kristian talks to Lee Huffman, an SRE data center engineer formerly at GitHub. Kristian and Lee talk about working on “bare metal”, the importance of finding side gigs, and Lee’s experiences owning a live music venue.

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    #4: Dave Feldman

    Kristian talks to Dave Feldman, a software engineer and entrepreneur, researching cholesterol and the ketogenic diet.

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    #3: Chris Bair

    Kristian talks to Chris Bair, the creator of the ketogenic meal replacement Keto Chow.

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    #1: Robert DeLuca

    In the first episode of the Bytesized podcast, Kristian talks with Robert DeLuca, a staff engineer at Visa working on web accessibility.

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    #2: Brett Terpstra

    Kristian talks to Brett Terpstra, an independent software developer, blogger, and podcaster.